OSMNames consists of the following components:


OSMNames is built with Docker and is therefore shipped in containers. This allows to have an extra layer of abstraction and avoids overhead of a real virtual machine. Specifically, it is built with docker-compose thus allowing to define a multi-container architecture defined in a single file.


Imposm3 by Omniscale is a data importer for OpenStreetMap data. It reads PBF files and writes the data into the PostgreSQL database. In OSMNames it is used in favor of osm2pgsql mainly because of its superior speed results. It makes heavy use of parallel processing favoring multicore systems. Explicit tag filters are set in order to have only the relevant data imported.


PostgreSQL is the open source database powering OMSNames.

OSMNames uses PostgreSQL for the following tasks:

  • Storing OSM data read from PBF file.
  • OSM data processing
  • data export to TSV file

At this moment OSMNames runs PostgreSQL 9.6.x version.


PostGIS is the extension which adds spatial capabilities to PostgreSQL. It allows working with geospatial types or running geospatial functions in PostgreSQL.

At this moment OSMNames runs PostGIS 2.3 version.